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Defiant Harmony

Price: £35.00

Hand Embellished Limited Edition Giclée
Size: 17" x 13" (with border) 15" x 11" (image)
Edition Size: 200
Print number: 1/200 onwards

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This is a brand new print and early numbers are still available!
Prints will be numbered in the order they are purchased with lowest numbers being issued first.

Why is it that most of us can love others far more than we can love ourselves?
We get hurt and upset by things other people do and say,
Giving them power over how we feel.
Letting another person's judgement cloud the way we feel about ourselves.

Life is too brief for hate and revenge.
Life is too swift for bitter thoughts or words.
Life is too great for petty things.
Life is too short to be little.

What quality of life do you want for yourself?
Do you know the way you see the world is a reflection of the way you see yourself?
That if you really want to be happy it all begins with self love and acceptance?
We can consciously choose the thoughts that fill our minds, our hearts and our lives.

Thoughts require energy and attention.
Fill each day and each hour with happy thoughts and happy memories.
The troublesome painful thoughts will wither and die of neglect.
After we let go of hurt we must make way for happiness.

The bitterness is replaced by warmth.
Forgiveness does not change the past but it does open the path to the future.
We each hold the key to our own future.

Which door will you unlock?
The door to emptiness and a hollow life?
Or the door to happiness and fulfilment?

The choice is yours to make...

(Author unknown)

About your print

Using UltraChrome K3 pigment ink, which are UV stable for long lasting colour and enjoyment, each reproduction is printed on high quality acid free 310 gsm Hahnemühle German Etching Archive Paper with a white border, added for mounting or finishing, and personally Hand Embellished by Tracie making each work in this limited edition set absolutely unique!

Your unique print will also be signed and numbered by Tracie and delivered securely with a registered Certificate of Authenticity.

Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity

Serialised Numerical HologramThe Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity is designed to protect the security and exclusivity of each Limited Edition Print and reduce the risk of forgery. This is also the first step of 'Provenance' - where the future history of your Limited Edition Print begins.

As well as containing all the details of your Hand Embellished Limited Edition Print and being personally signed and dated by Tracie, each certificate has a serialised numerical hologram attached to it whilst an identical numerically serialised hologram is fixed directly to the back of the print itself. This combination assures that the Certificate of Authenticity relates directly to that particular print.

The certificates are manufactured to the strict standards and regulations of Europay and Clearstream, the world leaders in forgery resistant printing. The forgery resistant security characteristics found in this system are both visible and invisible in the forms of serial number, Guilloche with relief, rainbow-pressure, watermarks and a special UV signature.

An additional record for each certificate issued is also kept at the Hahnemühle offices and you will be supplied with the necessary information for you to confirm the registry of your print via the Hahnemühle on-line database.

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