Rescue Pet Portrait Photo Tips

In order to ensure your Rescue Pet Portrait is the best it can possibly be, there are a few important things to consider when selecting photographs to upload:

1) Composition
Take a few moments to check the composition of your photographs to make sure your pet is completely in the frame in an attractive pose. Photographs taken straight on at 'pet level' rather than from a standing position with your pet looking up at you will ensure a more natural pose and expression from your pet.

2) Lighting
Try and take your photographs in natural daylight to achieve 'truer' colours and strong light and shadows. Keep the background as natural and uncluttered as possible.

3) Focus
Make sure your photographs are in focus, not blurry or noisy (speckled). If your camera has a 'sports mode', you may find it easier to keep an active pet in focus using this mode.

4) Variety
When selecting your photographs for upload, try and provide a variety of poses and expressions to help Tracie get a feel of your pets character so she can capture that in your Portrait.

5) Image size
The minimum requirements for your phtographs are:

  • Portrait mode: 1600 pixels x 2000 pixels
  • Landscape mode: 2000 pixels x 1600 pixels

The maximum file size per photograph is 3.5Mb

6) File format
We can only accept .jpg files so if your camera produces any other format such as .crw, resave them as .jpg on your computer before uploading.