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The Howling

Lying in Wait

Treasure Lane

About Tracie

Tracie and partner, Paul

Despite having a love of art and design all her life, Tracie only began drawing and painting earnestly in early 2008 and it was her lifelong passion for wolves which led her to purchase her first set of pastels. In fact, until that point, she had never even held a pastel before.

Her artistic journey really began in February 2008 when she discovered the work of Nottingham artist, Vic Bearcroft, whilst browsing the internet. Vic is renowned for his animal paintings, particularly wolves. On seeing his stunning artwork, Tracie was insired to get herself a set of pastels, some velour paper and try her hand at creating her own wolf pictures to decorate her home with.

Her first wolf picture, Snow Wolf was created after receiving permission from Canadian amateur photographer, Luc Durocher, to create a picture from his original photograph. Once completed, Tracie immediately began another painting using a public domain photograph she found on the internet and the result was Autumn Spirit. Immediately after completing Autumn Spirit, she took one of her favourite photographs of her family pet, Taz, and created Paws for Thought.

By this time, Tracie had fallen completely in love with her pastels and now spent every spare moment creating her own art. 12 months later, her portfolio held over 30 different pieces of art covering a variety of subjects such as her beloved wolves, churches, portraits, pets, landscapes and flowers.

Amongst her Wolf paintings are portraits of two members of the younger wolf pack at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (UKWCT). In October 2008, Tracie and her partner, Paul (along with many other people), celebrated World Animal Day at the UKWCT where she not only saw a wolf for the very first time in her life but also met the man who inspired her to begin painting, Vic Bearcroft. Between them, they took over 1200 photographs of the UKWCT wolves which were used as resource for Tracie's subsequent paintings of Torak and Mai.

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Reflections of Venice

Free Spirit

Window Shopping