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The Father

The Father

A special gift for her partner, Paul, Tracie created this portrait of his father in August 2009 based on several photographs taken two years previously. Tracie says,

After painting several portraits and trying to reproduce a realistic, almost photographic, effect I reached a point where I wanted to start putting my own ideas into a project and this particular photograph of Paul's father was one of my favourites as it captured his essence as I saw it. I wanted to keep the colours strong and vibrant to reflect the independent strength along with his great sense of fun - the two main aspects of his personality that I love so much.

This really was tremendous fun to do and very liberating - I had reached a point where I was feeling more and more courageous regarding my tools and ready to experiment with my own ideas. It was a turning point for me and opened the door to a new way of expressing my thoughts and feelings through my art. When I look at this painting now, I am reminded of how exciting painting can be...and how restricted I used to be!

Originally created using soft and medium pastels on velour, The Father is available as a limited edition fine art print and can be purchased from the Art Store.

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