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Gateway to the Soul

Gateway to the Soul

Gateway to the Soul is an 'up close and personal' painting of a wolfs eye. Tracie says,

"I believe the eyes are the gateway to the soul - not just for humans but for animals, too. People and animals reveal so much of their inner selves through their eyes and. For me, looking into an animals eyes creates an immediate connection and reveals their emotional state. The closer my bond with an animal, the more I can read. I also believe they are far more capable of reading us than we are them! Eye contact is one of the most powerful forms of communication and can be easily observed in wolves and dogs. Dogs will actively seek out eye contact with their owners for both guidance and approval. Wolves communicate very efficiently amongst each other through eye contact and use it to help re-inforce pack heirarchy.

Often, what we 'choose' to see in the eyes of other people or animals is distorted by personal experiences or pre-dispositions. However, if we can get past our fears and prejudices, we can see a completely different picture. This painting arouses a mixture of wonderfully positive feelings for me - but I am painfully aware it may not be the same for everyone!"

Created using soft and medium pastels on antique cork pastelboard, Gateway to the Soul is available as a limited edition fine art print at the Art Store.

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