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Autumn Spirit

Autumn Spirit

Autumn Spirit was Tracie's second wolf piece painted from a very well known public domain photograph widely available on the internet. Tracie says,

Wolves are my passion!

I love my pastels and enjoy painting a range of subjects but am never happier with them than when I am bringing another wolf to life on the canvas in front of me.

Wolves are still greatly misunderstood despite being the ancestors of the domestic dog which is why I find it astonishing that so many people hate and despise wolves as deeply as they love and adore their loyal pet dogs.

Every living creature on our planet has it's place here not only by right but also as part of the delicate web of life that keeps the Earth a habitable place for every living thing.

We are all interwoven, each one a fragile yet beautiful strand linked together playing their own invaluable role in the Web of Life and, if any one strand is damaged, all life is affected.

I decided to brighten up the background and foreground in order to frame the handsome grey wolf with rich autumn colours.

Created using soft and medium pastels on velour paper, Autumn Spirit is available to purchase as a limited edition fine art print at the Art Store.

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