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Created using tinted charcoals on velour paper, Reflections is a tribute to Tracie's favourite Wolf Park pack member, Renki. Tracie says,

"I fell head over heels in love with Renki from the first moment I saw his beautiful, expressive face and as I learned more about his personality, I realised why. Renki has a real zest for life and takes very few things seriously which tends to land him in trouble on a regular basis with the rest of the pack. He is the misunderstood teenager, branded as rebellious and troublesome, who, deep down, just want's to 'fit in'. In time, he will stand tall in his own right and be recognised for the wonderfully unique individual he has yet to realise he is! I fondly remember every moment spent creating Reflections which, for me, is also a self portrait - done as I remember myself during my younger years, hence the title - and definitely the main reason this piece will never leave my personal collection!"

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