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Back Off!

Back Off!

Back Off! depicts a dominant Alpha wolf asserting his position towards a lesser pack member. Tracie says,

"There is something very primal about the feelings I get when I'm close to a wolf, or dog, that is snarling...the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and the gradual rise of adrenalin is intoxicating - I would never challenge either animal to the point of danger but it is an experience I relish when it comes my way! I wanted to try and evoke that same state in a picture and spent a lot of time studying photographs and videos in order to observe the minute facial gestures used to create the subliminal messages that heighten the sense of danger. Amongst wolves, the combination of lip curling and tongue flicking is a behaviour often exhibited by an Alpha at feeding time if a brave, lower ranking pack member attempts to 'jump the queue'!

In order to emphasise the gravity of the message being conveyed and the prickly, tense atmosphere that such a situation inevitably creates I chose to use white and grey pastels on black board to keep the viewers attention focused - I felt colour would create unwanted distractions. When it was complete, I sat in a small, quiet empty space studying this Alpha's expression and gradually, as my imagination took over, I was rewarded with the primal feelings I relish so much!"

Created using medium pastels on black mountboard, Back Off! is available as a limited edition fine art print at the Art Store.

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