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Spirit Walker

Spirit Walker

Spirit Walker is based on the 'old school' view of wolves as represented in childrens fairy stories such as Red Riding Hood. Tracie says,

"I was challenging myself, and my personal feelings regarding wolves, with this piece; I was exploring a viewpoint based on myths, legends and folklore written during the Middle Ages depicting the wolf as 'hounds of the Devil'. These beliefs facilitated an irrational fear that, despite scientific evidence and a wealth of intense research proving the contrary, many people still foster, and propagate, today. Trying to see the wolf from a perspective that is so alien to me was really tough and, although I embraced the experience, I'm incredibly relieved I don't share this distorted viewpoint - it was a very dark, sinister and altogether uncomfortable place to be!"

Created using soft and medium pastels on velour paper, Spirit Walker is available as a limited edition fine art print at the Art Store.

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