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Silent Witness

Silent Witness

Silent Witness is a very personal piece for Tracie as it depicts her spirit guide as she sees him. Tracie says,

Since before I can remember, I have had a loyal wolf spirit travelling through life with me. I wanted to capture my spirit wolf as I have always seen him - quietly watching from a distance, alert and quick to be by my side should I need him. I closed my eyes and visualised him peering, silently, through low hanging leaves, one eye (the gateway) protectively watching me - then I just let the picture evolve in it's own way. It was a cathartic journey which, when concluded, left me feeling emotionally lighter and brighter as I sat and looked, for the first time, at my loyal companion who, until now, I had kept hidden in the shadows.

My passion for wolves has been with me all my life and being able to express my love and respect for these creatures never ceases to be incredibly rewarding. However, this is a truly personal project because of who this picture represents - my guide, my teacher, my life-long friend.

Created using soft and medium pastels on velour paper, Silent Witness is available as a limited edition fine art print at the Art Store.

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